Before & After: Bedside Tables

My sweet friend Steph asked me to paint a set of bedside tables for her friend Jade, who I adore as well! The pair have been in her family for years and she didn’t want to part with them but they needed some love to get them to work with her modern decor. I decided to mix the natural wood with the most perfect shade of pale gray (chosen by Jade) in a modern pattern being careful to leave enough of the natural wood to make the combination look intentional not unfinished! After a few hours of taping and expert paint gin by Stpeh, below is the finished product:

Photo Diary: Chicago

My work has me traveling most of the fall, and quite frequently to Chicago. Well I say Chicago but its really the suburbs, so truth… I’ve never actually been to downtown Chicago. My last trip overlapped my roommates tour so the stars aligned and I stayed the weekend! I had the BEST time, love it there I must say! Good times, good food, good friends:

Birthday Month

October is fondly referred to as birthday month because yes I do like to celebrate my birthday for an obnoxiously long time. But let me qualify that by saying I DO NOT expect presents and for people to buy me things. I love it because its the one time a year everyone I know and love comes together for a few days of fun! And this year was no exception it was an awesome good time and I have so much love for everyone who participated I would not be who I am without you!! XOXO



Friday Find

Vintage/Thrift stores are my most favorite places to shop, there is something so much more rewarding scoring an awesome find in a thrift store. A. it has to be your size (its not like you have lots of the same piece in all sizes to chose from) B. it may require some alteration to really work and C. finding something thats become relevant again is kind of rare.

That being said if I pass by one I always take a quick stroll. I am also NOT a believer in being ripped off, so a t-shirt that sells for $45 is a joke and I will leave the store immediately lets be real its worn and old, $10 is appropriate. I have acquired many pretty awesome pieces since my return to New York and I have since adopted a “one piece of clothing before I leave the house must be vintage” attitude.

Backstage at the Ballet

My room mate/best friend is a crazy talented dancer and this time of year he is performing at The Metropolitan Opera House. That being said I have been DYING to go backstage and see what its like, the sets, costumes, dancers etc are so completely fascinating to me and last night I got to go! My hot date (who is also a super talented dancer) took me on a whirlwind-10-min- during-intermission-tour:

My other beautiful ballerina before she went on

Standing in the wings

Quick photo shoot on this iconic stage

Marcelo's dressing room

Marcelo's dressing room

How one becomes a prince

How one becomes a prince


My Week in Pictures

At the start of 2014 I decided to take a picture a day for the year and then make a collage of them and have it framed, so far I have been about to do it so here is my week in pictures:


so so tiny

i love this dresser but I feel like it may be time to let it go

Henry just making himself at home at work

If you look carefully, there is a large rat by the tracks



backstage at the ballet

regular saturday night photo (I have like 10 of this same shot)

sunday morning in the sun



Brunch for 18

Being from the South, Easter brunch is what comes after the egg hunt and 8 tons of candy, living in the city limited space limits the guest list for such an event. But saying no to a good time with good friends is not my style so our brunch for 8 quickly became brunch for 18. Lets just say thank God for outdoor space….


Made in China

I recently went on a work trip to Shenzhen China and Hong Kong. It was such an amazing opportunity and experience! I flew from NYC to Beijing and then onto Hong Kong which would have been a super long time on a plane had I not flown business class. Watching movies having dinner and flattening my seat literally into bed made it easier than most normal flights.

I was only in HK over night before heading into China. A car picked us up and when we stopped at the border a security officer came out and pointed a temperature gun at our heads and checked out temperature before we could enter China yeah it was crazy.

The view from the 23rd floor in my Hong Kong hotel.

We went to our office in Shenzhen and  met our team and reviewed samples before heading to dinner…. where after we sat they handed out plastic gloves to use to chew some meat off of the bone of something. Needless to say I declined and tried to explain I don’t usually like to eat meat from the bone. Which was unfortunate because everything that had been ordered for us was on a bone, including the entire chicken that came next… face and feet on (just like in Christmas Story but nobody came along to chop the head of). after my initial shock the rest of the food was delish!

Dinner with a face...

And the hotel in Shenzhen was really beautiful, it was nice to be able to come home to this:

The next few days we toured factories which may have been the coolest (yeah is used the word coolest) thing I’ve ever seen!! Watching the actual production was an amazing experience!

L: Shoot the boxes slide down before being loaded on a container R: Hand-blown glass in process

L: Shoot the boxes slide down before being loaded on a container R: Hand-blown glass in process


L: Row of guys blowing glass R: Clay being sculpted.

This machine spins the ornament so they can paint/glitter stripes perfectly even.


This is one of the best moments I've experienced, I designed this ornament and I was watching in actual production, CRAZY!!


L: This machine makes 30,000 ornaments a day. R: This is how the round ornaments are painted.

Some things you can never un-see...


We traveled around Southern China visiting 5 factories so I got to see some of the land and the towns as well:


Everyone traveled around on these scooters, helmet less.

We had to stop to let these guys pass us.

The parking lot for all the factory workers.


And after 6 days of ornament review we headed back to Hong Kong complete with more car searches and forehead scanning ha! We stayed in Tsim Sha Tsui so walked around and went to the ladies market before we took the Star Ferry across to Hong Kong Island to The Peak:





And on the last day I was super excited to come home and get back to normal until Air China was like umm no you will stay in Beijing overnight…. After an extreme amount of sass that was not well received I left Hong Kong for Beijing with a free dinner and comp stay in a hotel. So in an effort to make the most of this situation we jumped on the subway to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.

The guards at Tiananmen Square

emerald & mint

being a designer i try to notice color, and lately i can’t get enough mint & emerald green:


weekend 22

this weekend I:

watched the rain from bed with ice coffee

went into the ugly cry watching the the third season of downton abbey


spent Saturday night in with this stud

went shopping in my own closet and revived some jewels

got a brand new fridge, so i guess i need to actually go to the grocery store

painted this canvas

watched FDNY fight a fire

enjoyed a great brunch with great friends

and rounded it out with

•original pic:

happy monday!